Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

We have two really great daddies in our home. First, my love and Mack and Macy's daddy, Justin. He is the best part of this family. He is our rock and he keeps me in check ;) He loves the Lord with all his heart and loves his family next. He makes us laugh. He leads us. He adores his kids. He is adventurous. He loves serving high schoolers. He has so many great qualities that I can't even begin to list them all right here. We love you dearly Justin! 

The other daddy of our home is Melody and Eloise's daddy, Daniel. We love having Daniel as a part of our home and family. He cares for Macklin and Macy like they were his own. He helps me when Justin is away. He makes Mack love candy and wrestling. He enjoys holding Macy even during her fussy times. He teaches me about my computer and iPhone issues and is a joy to have around! We are grateful to have Daniel in our lives! 

For Father's Day, we celebrated with a special pancake breakfast (let's just say my dad made this look easy growing was actually really hard to make them and to keep Mack's little fingers away from them long enough to give them to the guys). I got Justin a new pair of sunglasses for mountain biking. Justin wanted to hang with the fam and then go out that is just what he did! It was a fun day for him! 

Special thanks to all the other dads in our lives - my dad, Justin's dad, and our grandpas! 
We love you! 

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