Thursday, June 14, 2012

Longmont Vaca - Day 6

We had a great Wednesday here in Longmont. We had a relaxing morning and then headed out to Union Reservoir. It is a man-made reservoir on the east side of town. They have a swimming area and kayak rentals along with a sand volleyball court and playground. The boys enjoyed playing in the sand and running around. The water wasn't too cold and felt just right as the sun came out. We took turns on a kayak, which both boys also enjoyed!

Sweet Ms. Twyla Hollister came over for a second night to watch the kids. She made it seem like no big deal to babysit two toddlers and a newborn :) Those experienced moms are so relaxed! We are grateful to have had her come over to give us a night out. 

We headed back to Boulder to walk down Pearl Street and have some dinner. We found a small plate Italian restaurant to eat at. Seven out of the nine plates we got were good :) Our night ended with some gelato and all were happy!

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