Monday, June 25, 2012

Eagle Flight Days 2012

This past weekend was the Eagle Flight Days town fair. I thought I would hate living in a small town, and now I love it! I really enjoy all of the fairs and events that bring the town together. The Flight Days are a pretty legit set of events. Friday we participated in the Cute Baby Contest. I know what you are thinking....Mack cried through it the last time I took him (help yourself remember the story by reading my long description of the day), why go again? I told Justin I was not going to take the kids, and then my friend Bethany invited me so I decided to go along. This year there was some tough compition, but both kids came out as ribbon winners. Macklin (and I) won 3rd place for the Best Family Look-Alike category and Macy won 3rd place for Best Smile (not that she is modeling very well above). It was a fun yet long ordeal but we made it though. I think they should have won Best Two Kids in the World....but hey, I am their mom. 
What to do while you enjoy a baby on your iPhones of course! 
Glad they each have their own ;)

After the contest, we were having our picnic during the concert and Macklin was practicing his emotions (thanks to the Curious George book that we like to model). Here he is doing (clockwise from top left) his happy face, sad face, scared face and mad face. He is one funny kid! 

Saturday night was another concert, and this time I talked Justin into coming with! We met up with Torrey and Alana with their new baby Logan (Born June 13...he had a little trouble with a UTI but he is a healthy little guy now and doesn't need oxygen! Praise God for a sweet little guy!) for Logan's second outing. We had a great time visiting with them as well as enjoying the Flight Days. 

  Macklin riding the train. --- Mack and Daddy hanging out (Justin is sporting his new sunglasses)

 We rode our bikes from Gypsum. It was great! --- Macklin found his little buddy Braden at the park! 

Sunday was the final day of Flight Days and I enjoyed it by running my first competitive 5k since Macy was born 11 weeks ago! Guess what? I won! It was a fun race with quite a few less people than in years past. But a win is a win. I did run 22:17, nothing impressive but still respectable. Hopefully I can get some miles under me before the Gypsum Daze run next month. I had five of my runners (one was running the 10k while we took the pic below) do it as well. I put them to work handing out flyers for our own 5k at our home meet this fall while I talked with younger runners about EVHS XC...can't waste a good opportunity!

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