Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just Playing

I am on super picture mode these days. 
I just can't believe how fast Macy is growing, 
AND how much Macklin is changing too! 

Let's start with Macy. Macy is laughing, playing on her playmat, smiling a ton, sleeping and nap wonderfully and is just a joy to have. She is easy to read and mostly easy to calm. She is going to bed around 9pm these days and getting up around 6/7am. She likes watching her older brother do things and going for rides in the Bjorn. I can't believe she is almost 3 months old! 

Macklin has been like one big explosion of change lately! He is using his manner (please and thank you) a bit more. He even said "thank you" unsolicited a couple of times in the last couple of days! He is putting together full sentences that actually make sense! The other day, after being asked to go outside, he said, "I am playing cars now." Oh, my bad, continuing playing my sweet boy! He knows what he wants and as long as he is not super upset about something (still has his super moody moments), he can express himself. He is also changing physically. He is way more coordinated. His jumps are higher. His running speed is faster. His climbing is more planned and skilled (and constant, have I mentioned that he is a climber...on everything!). His his bike riding is more balanced. He completes scenes with his toys. It is just so fun to watch Macklin play! 

Big Bro and Lil Sis

"I want Macy on my belly." 
"Macy, smile! Look at the camera Macy!"

One day Mack wanted to watch fire engines on my iPhone. So, I said, "Why don't we take a walk over to the fire station and look at them?" I just thought we could look at the ones in the drive way, but we got a full on tour (note: this was two Saturdays ago before the entire state was burning!). Firefighter Sarah showed us all of the cool things about fire trucks and even gave Macklin his own fire hat! You gotta love small towns! 

Just hanging with Daddy at a friends going away party. 

Playing in his club house. 
Have I ever mentioned that red and tie-dye are his favorites for clothes. Often, if given the chance to pick out his clothes, he would pick all red, or red and tie-dye! So funny. 

We were able to help one of our high school friends celebrate their birthday last week. Maddy hosted a little party for JJ, one of Justin's favorites! He loves hunting, so Maddy had a camo party compelte with a full on attack of JJ when he arrived. Macklin had the best time! It was one of the first times I felt like we were somewhere for 2 hours and we didn't feel like we were running out in a cry-fest exit due to tired kids. Macklin loved playing with the water guns, watching their fish tank, playing with balls, and just being a sweet boy. What a fun night! 


Playing at Brush Creek Park in Eagle. 

Justin with another one of his favorite high school friends, Will.

What happens when we try to take both kids shopping. Wow, there are four Macklins! 

Just hanging with my baby girl! 

Fun snuggle time. 

More smiles from Macy. 

A few more videos!

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