Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Peaks in Gypsum

I have not been able to blog much over the weekend because we had our sweet friends in town - the Peak family was in Gypsum! The Peaks are doing a road trip across the country this summer (IN to OR) with their three year old and one year old (Jack and Holly)! They are brave :) They converted their van into a little travel camper, complete with homemade seat back organizer - all very impressive! We were honored to be a stop on their journey. They are always encouraging to be around as they love each other so well. 

Macklin loved having buddies around all of the time. He really likes hugging right now and Holly and Jack were able to experience that all weekend. I think he hugged Holly at least five times a day for four straight days. Then, on Sunday afternoon, she hugged him back! Woohoo, go Mack! Other than hugs, Jack and Mack had a great time together. It is fun to see what we have to look forward to since Jack is a year older. 

 Three interesting facts about the Peaks:
-Justin and Jefferson lead Young Life together at Mizzou. 
-Jeff and Kristin met at Young Life camp (from different areas) and ended up getting married.
-Our babies alternate years of birth...they are up next for 2013...lets see if the pattern continues ;) 

 I already posted some of the bath painting party, but here are a few more! 

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