Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Melinda's Running Update: 

I am officially back into running! This has been my timeline. 

Run #1 - 10 min run around the block. Felt way out of shape and gigglely but good.

Run #2 - Ran 2.5 miles pushing the kids. Wanted to stop at every turn. Thought this was going to be miserable. I made it but I wasn't happy. 

Run #3 - Ran 2.5 miles pushing the kids. Felt much better, like I was getting back into the swing of things. 

6 Week Check Up - Cleared to go ! 

Run #4 - Ran 4 miles pushing the kids. Felt back to pre-labor status....extra heavy but still running. 

Wanted to go for more runs before Teva but that just didn't happen. 
By the way, who signs up for a 10k mountain race just 10 days after getting cleared!

Run #5 - I took off with my buddies below to run the Teva Games 10k, which was actually a 7.5 mile race. It was the perfect jump back into running and racing for me. I ran with Kari and Jen and they were perfect! I had a social mindset. I didn't care how fast I was going (1:37 for 7.5 miles and 32nd in my age group...weird to see next to my name in a Vail Valley run, but I am ok with it). I didn't need to push hard. We finished together and smiling and I had the best morning! I now remember how much I love running and how much happiness it gives me, especially trail running. It was a beautiful morning was sweet ladies. And...we even made a blog! Check it out! 

Since then, I have put in a 3.5 miler with my team on Monday and a 5 miler (ahh....pushing 50lbs for 5 miles...that was a rough one) this morning. It has been a rough come back, but I am on my way. Even did 90 push-ups, 75 lunges, 75 squats, and 7 minutes of sit ups on Monday too (which I am still paying for now). Pre-prego body here I come! 

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